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Nuno : "Subway. Virginia : "Metro". Similar, but the pronunciation is quite different. Nuno : "Screen. Virginia : This one is great. Nuno : "Bathroom. Virginia : "Bathroom". Nuno : "Juice.

Portuguese Pronunciation. The secrets to bear in mind:

Virginia : "Orange juice" would be "orange juice. Nuno : Exactly. Virginia : How do you say "nightgown", women's nightwear, in Portuguese from Portugal? Nuno : "Nightgown. Virginia : "Nightgown. Nuno : Yes. It is a warm sweater for the cold, to protect from the cold, usually made of wool, long sleeve, tightly closed on the neck. Virginia : That both men and women wear. Nuno : Right.

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Virginia : "Nightgown" in Brazilian Portuguese is a woman's nightwear. I find it hilarious when you say "nightgown" for a man's clothing, it's very funny.

Virginia : "Refrigerator. Nuno : "Refrigerator". Virginia : "Refrigerator". Nuno : "Line". Virginia : That's very good. Just a second, I skipped here. Virginia : Very cool! This word is great: "stapler. Nuno : "Stapler". Nuno : "Pedestrian". Virginia : Pawn. They are pawns. Nuno : "Bus stop". Virginia : This one is great: "ice cream.

Brazilian Portuguese vs. European Portuguese

Nuno : "Ice Cream". Virginia : "Ice Cream". It makes a lot of sense because after all ice cream is cold. Ah, I love this one: "cup". Nuno : "Cup". Virginia : It's so different. This one is very funny: "panties". Nuno : "Underwear". Virginia : Underwear, both for men and women is underwear or not? Nuno : It's neutral. Nuno : Okay. Virginia : This one is funny too: "butt. Nuno : It would be a "butt". Not very beautiful, but.

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Virginia : No, guys! Nuno : Ponytail. Virginia : Or ponytail. Virginia : Very good! Thank you very much for joining me for this chat. It was fun! Nuno : Thank you. Virginia : Okay guys. That's it for today. See you next time.

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  • Nuno: Eu sou de Portugal, mais precisamente da cidade do Porto. Nuno : Foi divertida. Words to bne italicized should be underlined.

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    Notes are to be numbered consecutively throughout the article, and should appear at the end of the manuscript, beginning on a new page. Bibliographical references should be presented in accordance with the following examples:. Fernando Pessoa, The Book of Disquiet , trans.

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    If illustrations are to be included, glossy prints should accompany the manuscript. The author of the article must submit a copy of any authorization or permission required for reproductions. This classical handbook on Portuguese Literature was published for the first time in Portugal in and had been updated since then until the lates. Maria Ana Marques Guedes, "D. Leonard Y. Kenneth McPherson, "Enemies or Friends? Arthur L. Gary M. Caroline B.