Manual Hunger Games Inspired Murder Mystery Dinner Party

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Bowling is not only an engaging retro sport but also a modern nightlife staple. The animated scoreboard, the competition, the cocktails, the dance beats, and the glow in the dark decor, all make for corporate party paradise…and no one has to worry about which shoes to wear.

All this carving up the ice, flying through the air, and pin pushing calls for a carb load. Any piece of clothing that mentions Lycra, sweat-wicking, breathable, and stink-proof on the tag. Decide what you want people to be talking about the next day, and spend extra time and possibly money to make sure it happens.

Edgar Allan Poe's Murder Mystery Dinner Party Ch. 1: The Bells

Is it the food then be sure to book with Roaming Hunger! A hip venue? A unique activity?

Hunger Games Party Decorations

Make it the centerpiece of your event and plan the rest of the details from there. Scavenger Hunts are the adult version of the classic boredom-busting game I Spy. Create your own hunt theme and tie the clues to that topic. Send teams on a pub crawl to find a mustached man drinking a PBR, or on a foodie adventure to find something flavored with Sriracha. Here are some tips on getting organized. Escape rooms come with their very own theme: zombies, music, murder mysteries, and more. The puzzles encourage everyone to work together or risk death.

Maybe not death, but at least a disappointing loss. Roaming Hunger took on an escape room and highly recommends it as a great exercise in friendly company-wide competition via HuffPost. Make sure no one has to lift a finger by booking a food truck or catering. Think Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible. Embrace your limitations and view them as a chance to get creative.

'Real-life' Siberian Hunger Games is revealed to be fake

Maybe you have a tiny budget. The Party Goddess suggests sharing the costs with a potluck. Who can ever really remember the nuances of every blend, especially on the third winery stop? This beats the heck out of a museum tour. Ride the buzz of tastings, luxurious gift shops, and artisanal menus as you create hazy, Pinot Noir-fueled memories with your colleagues.

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  • The Sleeping Mountain.

Repeat after us: pale ales, porters, stouts, lagers, ales. Strap on the beer goggles, yell a hallelujah for the 21st amendment, and make sure you have some water lined up for later. Drinks are already covered, clearly. Food should be anything known to help soak up the booze. Some of our favs: pretzels , pizza , pasta , and burgers and fries.

Consider throwing your party at an off peak time, i. The Party Goddess suggests a Sunday brunch as a way to mix up the usual routine.

The wheels on the xmas party bus go round and round. Stop 1 — The roof, the roof, can never be on fire if there is no roof. Sing-along to a pre-recorded song, or go acapella as you use your vocal talent to share Christmas cheer with everyone. Set sail for a night with your coworkers on a dinner cruise under the stars for your corporate holiday party.

Just make sure none of the staff falls overboard. They use photography and videos from the event to help guests rekindle fond memories. Let someone else do all the work while you party down. Book luxurious spa treatments for the team, and you will forever be remembered as the most beloved company party planner … of all time. Check in with the venues to see where they might be able to help out with. Restaurants often offer affordable app or dinner packages, the spa may have an attached restaurant, and you may be able to book out a private area for lunch at the park.

Depending on which route you go, everyone should dress to the nines for a restaurant book out, slip into loungewear for the spa, and plan on tennis shoes for the theme park. Get feedback! A holiday party comes but once a year. Send out a simple survey to find out what people liked so you can build off of it next year, and what to ditch.

No one wants to go to work the day after a night of overindulging with colleagues. Have your corporate holiday party on a Friday or Saturday and save everyone the struggle of trying to make it in on time. If your festivities really take it up a notch, some of your guests may need a ride home. Save your employees the burden of figuring it out and provide a free ride service. Any parent knows that a night out is a rare event, and a company holiday party is the perfect excuse. If your company has a lot of working parents, consider offering a babysitter stipend to show that you understand how special the night is.

A catered breakfast is essential if your party falls on a weeknight. Help everyone recover with breakfast burritos or some Yeastie Boys bagels. Pass the Cholula, please.

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  2. Everything you need to know about setting up and running your Hunger Games Murder Mystery is here!.
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  4. Keep the good times rolling with an in-office movie day following the night of your holiday party. Besides the pure entertainment factor of seeing what guests show up, allowing employees to bring a plus one to your corporate holiday party is a nice gesture to include everyone. Also, people are more inclined to attend if they can bring their spouse or significant other along. Offer remote workers a gift certificate for a nice dinner out, movie passes, or sporting tickets to make everyone feel included in the fun.

    In the spirit of giving, we may have listed more than 54 corporate holiday party ideas, but you deserve it. A holiday celebration is the perfect time and excuse to bond with your coworkers outside of the cubicle walls. These suggestions are sure to make your event a memorable time. So there you have it!

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    The good news is that everyone loves a party especially if it takes away from actual working time…. Decide on your theme, get your ducks and details in a row, and then just listen to the pros. Happy Holidays from Roaming Hunger! We set out to research employee perks from all over the country, and came up with what we think is Labor Day is an opportunity to relax with friends and family and celebrate the end of the summer, but it Whether your office is devoting a few hours, a whole day, or even a week to a corporate retreat, the Skip to content Update: This year we reached out to the party planning experts for industry insights and advice to compile over a dozen pro-tips.

    Pro Tip. Kara-offkey Turn your corporate holiday party into the good old days when MTV actually played music videos. Theme: A Night of Chance. Who has ? Attire: Glam Ask attendees at your corporate holiday party to jazz it up. No Grinches allowed Get into the spirit of giving with an office-wide charity event. Slow-mo kisses The only thing that could pawsibly make a photo with a pupper better is a slow motion video booth. Attire: Sweaters Anything that can easily be lint-rolled.

    Theme: Merry Craftmas. More glitter, please Start the festivities with a holiday ornament decorating party.

    The Ultimate Collection of Hunger Games Party Ideas

    Sugary decor Nothing says holiday season like the smell of freshly baked gingerbread walls and roofs, right? The Great Cookie Bake-Off This corporate holiday party activity is just like the gingerbread houses, but cookies instead! Get started here.