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Joe lives his life flitting between past and present, hallucination and reality. Each of her previous movies captures human collapse in slow motion. You Were Never Really Here is a breakdown shot in hyperdrive, lean, economic, utterly ruthless and made with fiery craftsmanship. Let this be the language we use to characterize her reputation as one of the best filmmakers working today.

Fallout shows no real signs of that happening any time soon. Where Bird leaned into the franchise as a literalization of its title, redefining the series by balancing the absurdity of what Cruise was impossibly doing the Burj Khalifa scene is one of the greatest action sequences ever with the awe of bearing witness to what a human person could accomplish if devoid of all Thetans, McQuarrie considers the two pretty much the same thing.

How to Have It All Without Losing Your Soul

The only reaction worthy of such absurdity is awe—and the only American tentpole films worth our awe anymore are those deemed Mission: Impossible. I love these movies. It all works. Verhoeven, in fact, uses Arnold as much as he uses anything else in the budget to tell this darkly exuberant story, from the contorted confusion of the set-up right on through to the eye-popping finale.

It results in a sci-fi screed written in the form of a hundred Ahh-nuld faces, absurd and unforgettable. For as many times as Dick has been adapted, this is perhaps the one time the go-for-broke energy and imagination of his work has made it into the cinema Blade Runner is something else entirely. Total Recall may have little in common with the actual content of the story it blows up, but it knows the vibe.

And PKD vibes are the best kind. Oppenheimer amplifies those conflicting reactions further by introducing a daring gambit: In the process of interviewing these butchers—who brag about raping and killing their victims including the occasional beheading —the director asked if they would be interested in re-creating their murders through fictionalized, filmed scenes.

The men—most notably a gentleman named Anwar Congo, who was one of the death squad leaders—leapt at the chance.

Make Your Life Prime Time by Maria Celeste Arraras | Waterstones

What follows is a literally nauseous glimpse into the minds of men who have spent decades mentally escaping the inescapable. Trouble Every Day Year: Director: Claire Denis Messing with genre is more a means to an end for Claire Denis than it is a celebration of the Fulci phantasmagoria and giallo sensibility and Eureopean art house erotic thrillers she so clearly loves, and Trouble Every Day is her ultimately harvesting the misasma emanating from the ways in which she bends these kinds of movies to her will.

The film stinks of sex and death, rolls around in it, characters licking it dripping from the corners of the screen. It follows newlyweds Dr. Which must be the point: Human sexuality is an inscrutable thing, and monogamy strains against that inscrutability. Perhaps, Denis shrugs, we were never meant for one person; perhaps we were only meant to tear each other apart. Detour Year: Director: Edgar G. Ulmer A Poverty Row staple with an unknown cast peering into the post-war dark night of the soul, Detour has come to embody the best film noir has to offer—namely, that budget and schedule concerns indirectly enriched the artistic product, paring down a weightier script and even more bloated source novel into a precise, exquisitely sharp bit of storytelling economy.

As much an efficient encapsulation of its genre as it is a noir drowning entirely within its own hell-bent nightmare, Detour is most impressive for how gracefully Ulmer can get the most out of so little. The Handmaiden Year: Director: Park Chan-wook There are few filmmakers on Earth capable of crafting the experience of movies like The Handmaiden so exquisitely while maintaining both plot inertia and a sense of fun. The film begins somberly enough, settling on a tearful farewell scene as Sook-hee Kim Tae-ri is carted off to the manor of the reclusive and exorbitantly rich aristocrat Kouzuki Cho Jin-woong , where she will act as servant to his niece, Lady Hideko Kim Min-hee.

He only wants her for her money. Park has designed the film as a puzzle box where each step taken to find the solution answers one question while posing new ones at the same time.

Make your life prime time : how to have it all without losing your soul

The sex is sexy, the scenes steamy, but in each we find a tenderness that invites us to read them as romance rather than as pornography. And so it is again with Manchester by the Sea , a commanding, absorbing work in which the sum of its impact may be greater than any individual scenes. Here, though, she really pierces the heart: Her character never stopped loving Lee, but her brain told her she had to if she was ever going to move on with her life. Tragedies drop like bombs in Manchester By the Sea , and the ripple effects spread out in all directions.

Stories We Tell Year: Director: Sarah Polley With Stories We Tell , actress-turned-director Sarah Polley has proven herself a consummate filmmaker, transforming an incredible and incredibly personal story into a playful yet profound investigation of the nature of storytelling itself. Yet Polley conceals and reveals information—starting with her relationships to her interview subjects—in such an effortless way as to constantly surprise, even shock, her audience without leaning into revelations for the sake of them.

She shares with us many unique ways to look for deeper truths and lessons in life's difficult experiences. And I know this book will be a wonderful gift to her ever-growing legion of fans! She is an honest woman, a fighter who has achieved everything with unshakable will. Her personal story will inspire many young people and will help them to take control of their personal and professional lives. This book will allow millions of people to experience what I have. Maria Celeste Arraras is a three-time Emmy Award-winning broadcast journalist, author, and television personality.

She lives in Miami with her three children. Du kanske gillar. Pick up this page-turning witch mystery today! He moves to London, looking to forgive and forget. But life has other plans for him. An old face from the past pulls him back into a vicious plot. Dan agrees to help, but he is betrayed… Dan has to fight with his back to the wall.

Because failure is not an option…. When he learns those responsible are the Russian Mafia, his lawyer, his business partner, his estranged father, and his wife, he plans revenge. A unique, multilayered tale with fresh twists. Kindle Are these books no longer free? Sign up for our email and never miss a free book again! The idea that I could get three different stories that tied seamlessly together was great. Despite her resolve to avoid anyone outside her family, her world is rocked when Stefan arrives.

The powerful, stunning vampire is everything she never wanted. She is not prepared for the devastating blow that leaves the world she knows nothing but a pile of rubble and ashes.

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In a bet to see who will fall first, both of them are sure their attraction is just physical. Both are definitely going to get into trouble. But who will win? Who cares if the hottest guy at the Olympics seems intent on winning me over? Did we say single? Well, not for long! On the shores of Lake Samish hides a woman losing touch with reality. Haunted by dreams of angels, standing judgment for the sins of others, Jessica has resorted to a life of solitude.

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He protects the innocent. When her past catches up to her, will their love be enough to keep them alive?

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Since she wanted nothing to do with his son, billionaire player Brodie must prepare to face a new role in life, single fatherhood, with a strong emphasis on single. Feeling disgruntled and abandoned by the mother of his child, the former playboy has no plans to get involved with any new bunnies anytime soon, if ever.

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The sisters are smart, innocent, loving and full of mischief and fun. Yes definitely a 5-star read!! McDaniel: Alaezdar thought he had found a perfect home in a small farming community of Valewood. Here he hoped he could bury his past and hide from his mercenary guild that has a death price on his head.