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Favorite track: Hundreds. Pandabaer Close your eyes. Try to feel it. Feel the eternal rage. Until it is gone. Favorite track: Memories Of The Extinct. Callum Hope. The Will to Power.

Nevermind the Name - A Gaze into the Abyss [Full Album]

Aaron W. Dany Babin. Giovanni Negron. Bitter Blanco. Marcus Fiene.

Miserable games to help you gaze deeper into the abyss | PC Gamer

Daniel Zidar. James Dresbach. Hendrik Gaida. Mel Gibson. Giuliano Donati. Trevor Hermosillo. Ron Beardson.

A Gaze Into The Abyss

David O'Donnell. Obscure Shadow. Louise Chambers.

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Faith, family, and friends. Focus on the people you love and who love you. Spend time with friends who are loyal, who make an effort to stay in touch with you, and who bring out the best parts of you. Find an avocation, a cause; something to do. Seek out opportunities to serve others in some way. And always have something to look forward to. Or at least learn to consume them in some kind of moderation. Sign in. Get started. Glen Hines Follow. Human Development Project A disruptive digital storytelling project supporting humanitarian initiatives, freeing shackled minds, and amplifying the voices of the oppressed.

Husband, father, son, brother, veteran. Human Development Project Follow. A disruptive digital storytelling project supporting humanitarian initiatives, freeing shackled minds, and amplifying the voices of the oppressed. Write the first response. Discover Medium. Make Medium yours. Interactivity wants to be free. Gaming stands in the way of playing. There are so many other ways of interacting in virtual environments.

We have only just begun to discover the possibilities. Games are games. They are ancient forms of play that have their place in our societies. But they are by far not the only things one can do with realtime technologies. Stop making games. Be an author. The stereotypical gamer hates the notgames and is reviled by Dear Esther, probably also Gone Home.

They want Interactivity with a total capital I. And then you consider that many of these Interactive games are Interchangeable, differing just in theme. You can almost taste it.

If theme and experience are still king even to the mechanics-hungry gamer, then why the hell do they care about the mechanics? Not quite the paradox it seems. Mechanics do things to games, give them a roughness that is sometimes missing without them.


Gaze Into The Abyss

The outer layer of it is a Gone Home type of affair: exploring the empty house and looking at the things prompts a story to unfold itself bit by bit. Each vignette is different in terms of how you interactive with it. Some of them are basically just hand-cranked cut-scenes, but others have meaningful mechanics that enrich your understanding of, and involvement in, the story. If you can dig the quirky-morbid magical realism vibe then its worth a look, and is interesting and relevant because offers a buffet of working exemplars for both sides of the debate at hand. But could we argue repetitive actions encourage contemplation?

Disengage you from reality and nudge you into a place more Zen? It has always sounded like my kind of thing. Thanks for voting it up! And at the end of the day, art is probably in the eye of the beholder rather than needing acceptance of an Art Authority. Game as art is already with is. I do feel welcome, HM, thanks!