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You will enjoy watching beautiful sunrise from the airplane and make a trip upon arrival. You can take a boat to the island with the weather is not so hot and do not be hurry to take a late flight back from Krabi at You will even have a great dinner before flying back to Bangkok as well. Railey beach is praised to be the highlight of all cliff climbers. This is a limestone cliff along the beautiful scenic spots for ending up your special day with one of the most beautiful sunset view of Krabi.

Whoever wants to have a unique experience not to be missed here. The upstream flows from the limestone mountain which is abundance of calcium carbonate sedimentation under the water.

5 Places to see fireflies in Thailand

Then the water becomes clear blue color like a mirror. If you think this is special, not yet… when the high tide, sea water will flow into the canal to change color from clear to opaque. Koh Phi Phi and Koh Phi Phi Don are 2 big islands that bend together which becomes one of the most beauty world class picture. The highlight is Ao Maya which is the location of movie named The Beach. Photo cliff surrounded by the sea like a closed bay but there is clear emerald color water inside. It becomes the attraction for coral snorkeling and plenty of fish. It is ranked as the Unseen Thailand of Krabi.

The outstanding of this place is not only bluish green color, but also the convergence flow of warm water pool which can enjoy so much chill swimming. If you walk a little further, you will reach the natural pool which is the wonder of bright blue basin in the middle of forest. You can drive over there due to nearby the city.

When you reach, the first impression is the stair over 1, steps. You can stroll till the top then you will meet a wide panorama mountain view which is sometimes covered with sea of mist. In addition to get merit, you can enjoy beautiful view as well. This hot waterfall is the hot spring source with the temperature of degree which can comfortably soak. The hot water seeps up from the surface which flows down lower layer and becomes the small waterfall. It would be great to visit there. It has beautiful scenery surrounded by turquoise water, coral reefs around the island, white sandy beach and swimming fishes swarm.

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You cannot visit there by just only walking but must take a boat ride through the strait of the mountain, to enter the inner lagoon. There is the only one entrance which similar to open the door for getting inside the room.

It maintains a beautiful and completely natural end. The location is nearby Ao Nang. If you want to feel great at Krabi, must visit here. The beach is suited for swimming, sun bathing, traveling, relaxation and utmost experience in life. You can post for beautiful picture with white sand dune which connects along 3 islands ie. The miracle of separated sea occurs from the lowest tide of each day.

So that it makes the white sandy beach to stroll away especially during 5 days before and after 15th day of the waxing moon. You can travel there during November - early May of each year.

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The highlight over here is soft white sandy beach similar to flour which you enjoy most chill sit and soak sand. To relax and feel close to the abundance nature and most importantly, Krabi is a "lovely city, lovely people". Hospitality of the people here will make a lasting impression. Thai Vietjet Air has direct double daily flight from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi — Krabi with affordable price and special promotions which provides for booking all year round.

Click to check for more details and booking at www. Visitors will fall in love with its long slender territory full of complex sceneries with mountains and beaches, as well as beautiful cultures. Put together, they mean the land in the south of Viet people, far away from China. However, it is close to Thailand, so it is easy to get a hang of. Do you know? Vietnam is one of the countries with a high rate of economic growth. Not only it is abundant in resources but Vietnamese culture is plentiful. It is influenced by French and Chinese cultures. The adopted colonial-styled constructions, foods, and holidays from its colonial countries and China make Vietnam fascinating.

Its specialties can never be found in anywhere else.

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The weather is cold. The temperature is degree Celsius. The weather is rainy and humid. The weather is hot and rainy. The weather is hot and sultry with the heat reaching 40 degree Celsius. The temperature is 20 degree Celsius. The weather is hot and sultry with the heat reaching 39 degree Celsius.

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The temperature is 26 degree Celsius. Do not exchange too much Dong currency, the Dollar can be used in Vietnam with competitive rate. Vietnam uses the round, 2-pin plug in, so please remember to bring a Universal plug socket. There are Grab and Uber services to serve tourists with competitive rate, safe and also save your pocket too. If you want to feel the charm of Vietnam, there will not be finished in just one day trip. Come and check in with the 10 cities of Vietnam. Travelling from the north to the south comfortably with the easy time table, covered all eating, travelling, shopping, relaxing and experience the highlight of the all 10 cities.

It is an interesting place compare with other places in the world. Perceiving the people ways of living from street side and the chaotic of traffics on the road and the most important is although this is the capital city, but the cost of living is not so high, so tourists will be enjoy the trip.

The group of more than 1, of small and big islands aligned along the bay becomes a beautiful and impressed sightseeing. Tourists can walk across to the temple on the The Huc bridge, a red wooden bridge which is the popular photography spot for tourists. Where located of an ancient shrine and the sacred tortoise statue where people warship. The mausoleum was designed with the same pattern as The Lenins Mausoleum in Moscow. Altogether, it looks not alike a mausoleum with the decoration of more than species of flowers. Haiphong Travelling Season: from June to August.

Average temperature is , hot and stuffy but you can easily enjoy trip by simply re-check weather before travel.